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Welcome to The GThaler Universe
The Universe of Metaverses
It will provide the technologies for organizations 
and individuals to create and enter into the metaverse

The GThaler Universe will accommodate entertainment, socializing, games, host virtual events, property investment, finance, medicine, education and many other forms of content.  


The in-universe economy functionality will use the basis of real market stability to control demand and supply to create value for the virtual assets.

Ownership of virtual lands and shops NFTs will be stored in Ethereum or Polygon blockchain.

The GThaler Universe consists of six orbits that rotate around the mother planet called "The Eye" of The GThaler Universe (GEye), contains 1,231 virtual planets and 4,207 virtual moons with a total of 69,799 lands and 10,096 shops will be for sale.


Prime and central lands are in limited quantities and will be sold to pre-registered early birds. Enter your email:

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The Boulevard - The GEye
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