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About The GThaler Universe

The GThaler Universe powered by Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, is working with a global team from 18 countries on creating a three-dimensional (3D) cinematic-quality environment.


Organizations and individuals will be provided with the most advanced technologies and services needed to create their metaverses within The GThaler Universe or to be part of one of its metaverses.

The GThaler Universe will provide smooth and cost-effective creation of a metaverse experience. 


The GThaler Universe will accommodate entertainment, socializing, games, and host virtual events and be used by a wealth of industries and sectors such as property investment, finance, medicine, education and many other forms of content. 


Marble Strip - The GEye

The GThaler Universe's key focus is not limited to the games it will create or host, but it aims to assist businesses and investors to easily enter into the metaverse and allow them to do business, have access to employ cost-effectively from different parts of the world, and interact with their customers.


The GThaler Universe consists of six orbits that rotate around the mother planet called "The Eye" of The GThaler Universe (GEye) that contains 1,231 virtual planets and 4,207 virtual moons with a total of 79,999 lands.


The land prices are based on location, view, and traffic. The universe will have lakes, canals, parks, green and public areas.

Lands and Shops

The fortunate users from all over the world who will have the chance to buy one of the lands or shops, the prices are based on location, view, and traffic.  

The demand is expected to be high because The GThaler Universe has limited lands with prime, central and exclusive locations with views of parks, lakes, canals, green areas, main roads, teleport stations and special areas.  


The owners of the virtual lands will be able to control what virtual NFT assets are published on their lands which they could sell for a higher price.

Digital Assets Value

The GThaler Universe will use a decentralized circuit breaker to halt panic-selling of its digital assets if the offered sale price of an item drops under its expected valuation.


Undoubtedly, buying one of the limited numbers of virtual lands or shops in The GThaler Universe could be a great investment.


The value of the digital assets is variable (up and/or down), cannot be guaranteed, and can be highly volatile.

As such, any investment decision must be strictly based on the consumer’s independent evaluation.

The Boulivard - The GEye

About GThaler DMCC

GThaler DMCC is offering The GThaler Universe. GThaler DMCC is registered in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), which is an authority of the Government of Dubai that reviews GThaler DMCC books, bank accounts, and website to undertake inspections and take such other steps necessary to ensure that GThaler DMCC is complying with DMCC regulations, as failure to comply with these regulations, entitles DMCC Authority to apply sanctions on GThaler DMCC and any of its officers.

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